Providing More Guidance and Insight for Businesses as they Grow

When you are growing a business, it would be good to have trusted advisors by your side all the time.

While we can’t quite off that, we have provided you with the next best thing.

Director Fiona Grant-Jones has published several books to guide and support small businesses at every start of their development:

Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the kingdom

Using straightforward language, easy to follow examples and a range of strategies to choose from, this book will explain how you can unlock the full potential of your business.

The advice and knowledge in this book is distilled from the expertise of over 500 accountants with their combined experience in over 10,000 businesses.

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Top Tips and Ideas for Business Growth

Top tips and ideas for business growth

A collection of simple and straightforward ideas giving growing businesses a brilliant toolkit to help them every step of the way.

None of the ideas is complicated. Some are ‘old school’ while others tap into the latest ideas of our digital world and they cover all the most important aspects of running a business.

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The New Business Kit

The new business kit

Running your own business has many rewards – giving you the chance to follow a passion, live according to a lifestyle that works for you and leave a legacy for your family. It is not without its challenges, however and the first one is “Where do I start?”

his kit highlights many of the practical points that a budding entrepreneur should consider before trading begins.

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