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Putting systems and processes in place so you can grow

23rd April 2019

Next steps for Growth - Part 3

When you decided to start out in business, did you dream of what it would be like to be your own boss?

·     Spending your days only doing work you love.

·     Working the hours you want to work.

·     Charging the rate you know you’re worth.

·     Not having to dance to anyone else’s tune

Ahhh the freedom it will bring!


You eagerly get your business underway and then one day reality hits!

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From first idea, then getting the basics set up, creating and delivering your product or service, establishing yourself in your market place and then year-on-year growing your business and a loyal customer base, there is a lot to do – every day.

Now unless you’re some kind of superhero and are hiding your spandex outfit under your work clothes (you never know!), it’s just not possible to keep juggling all of these areas in your business by yourself. Particularly not if you’re still hankering after your dream!

The key skill to learn - delegation

So, the art of delegation becomes a key skill to have – some people have it naturally, and for others it’s a skill that needs to be learned, but as a business owner it’s a crucial one to have. Thoughts that, “no one else can do what I do, and even if they can they won’t get it right”, need to be seen for what they are - an obstacle to delegation.

Great delegation comes from great systems.

Systemising what you do and how you do it, is the most efficient way to ensure your team all do things the same way. When you have great systems in place, it becomes easy to delegate all of the work that’s a time drain on your day and keeps you from doing the work only you can do.

The sooner you put systems in place in your business the better. Small business or large, taking the time to either implement new, or check existing systems are rock solid in every area. It will save you a huge amount of time and potentially expense in the long-term to invest the time and thought into systems now.

Start by mapping out an organisation chart showing all of the roles within your business. Then map out the processes needed for each of those roles to be carried out to the level that you expect. During mapping, ensure you keep your customer at the centre of everything, with the aim of every process being excellent service, high value and repeat business.

Training made simple

As well as enabling everyone in your team to do things the same way, clear processes also make the training of new staff, contractors and freelancers easy and efficient. Really great systems should enable anyone with a basic understanding of a role, to be able to step in and pick up the reins with minimum support needed.

If the idea of mapping out systems for your business still feels daunting, please don’t just try to forge ahead without them. Ask for guidance to help make them as streamlined as possible from the get-go.

Grant Jones has teamed up with a small army of accountants across the UK to formalise a 9-step best practice called the Performance, Measurement and Improvement System (PMI).

If you’re ready to create an action plan that jet-propels your business to success, click the link to arrange your free PMI consultation.


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