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Action planning for your business

17th March 2020

In these uncertain times we wanted to reach out to all our followers with some support and guidance to help you.
This article is to support a strategy meeting (which can be held online as well as face to face) designed to help a team agree on a short-term tactical plan to support the UK government's objective to minimise and slow down the spread of Coronavirus to reduce pressure on the NHS.

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Systems, Services and Tools

6th February 2020

You’ve just started out in business. It’s just you (or maybe you and a business partner). There isn’t much going on. Everything is in your head and it all gets done.
But what about when it gets busy?

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Budgeting in an uncertain time – Part 3

21st January 2020

The work you completed in the planning ahead phase created your ‘forward budget.' Do your figures give you a picture that you’re growing your business reserves? Are you paying enough dividends to yourself as well as others?
Often (almost always!) your first budget outline won’t give you the figures that you want.Here is where 'backward planning' helps.

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Budgeting in an uncertain time – part 2

12th January 2020

You’ve completed all of the essential preparation work for your 2020 budget, and now it’s time to put pen to paper with some facts and figures.
So, grab your notes and let’s get started...

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Budgeting in an uncertain time

17th December 2019

When it comes to working to a budget, things don’t always go exactly to plan! There are so many variables involved that it’s nigh on impossible to predict everything, and in particular things like steady sales, or even steady expenses for that matter.
So why bother to even have a budget?!

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Things every business needs to know

3rd December 2019

Keeping on top of everything as a small business can feel a bit like a game of ‘whack-a-mole’ sometimes. Just as you feel you’ve got on top of one topic, up pops another one that needs attention.
We feel it too, here at Grant-Jones Accountancy and that was what prompted me to write a series of blogs on things every business needs to know.

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Have a fantastic Christmas!

18th November 2019

No, I haven’t lost my marbles – nor have I mislaid November. But if you are yet to complete your Self-Assessment Tax Return, don't let it ruin your Christmas break!

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Is the Electric Car the future of company cars?

5th November 2019

There is no doubt that Electric cars are growing in popularity.
The appeal of zero emissions, zero road tax and a quieter driving experience plus improved technology all make low emission cars a viable option as a company car.

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