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For the love of bookkeeping

20th September 2021

Unless you are an accountant, most people shudder at the thought of bookkeeping! Whether you're doing the books yourself, or you plan to outsource, here's why it’s really important to understand the importance of keeping an up-to-date record of your money...

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Reviewing your business before you sign on the dotted line

23rd August 2021

We’ve all heard the phrase “dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s” and never is this more important in business than when you have an idea and you start to draw up plans. There are so many aspects to a business that need to be considered, so here is a quick outline of things you need to think about before you make anything official...

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Support for your new business venture

9th August 2021

Setting up a business can be both scary and exciting. Whether you are thinking of setting up on your own or with a partner, it’s vital you have support, and the right kind of support. So, what might your options look like...

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Is working from home working for you?

26th July 2021

The covid-19 pandemic saw unprecedented numbers of people either being furloughed or working from home. It has certainly given many pause for thought about our working lives. Or maybe you’ve been thinking about trading the office for a life of self-employment?

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Doing Good for the World

12th July 2021

Giving back through charitable deeds is one important step businesses can take to be ‘sustainable’. By practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), a company contributes money, time or expertise that enhance society and the environment. Are you ready to do good for the world...

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The People Dynamic

22nd June 2021

As a business owner, it stands to reason that you’re 100% committed to your business. However, your team might not have the same 100% commitment as you do. Let's look at the ways you can find and keep good people and help them cultivate a high level of dedication to your business and their work...

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Preparing for Bumps in the Road

8th June 2021

One thing’s for sure, there’s no certainty when it comes to business! There are always going to be bumps in the road to overcome. So how can we make sure we’re prepared for as many eventualities as possible if the worst happens...

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Your Standard Work Week

24th May 2021

In every business there’s a whole range of jobs that must be completed on a weekly basis. When you first start out the likelihood is that you’ll be juggling a lot of these jobs yourself. But as your business expands, how are you going to manage your time in an effective and sustainable way?

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Your Day-to-Day Work

10th May 2021

As business owners there’s always so many pressures on our time and getting the balance right between working on versus working in our business can be pretty challenging. It’s important to feel like you’re in control of your day and not the other way around! So, let’s have a look at a few things you can have in place to make sure that's the case.

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