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Third Thursday Knowledge

Do you experience any of these pain points in your business?

  • Cashflow is never how you need it.
  • Baffled by your tax returns.
  • Financial reports which you don't understand

Running your own business is always full-on and there is so much you need to know and to learn as you go along. Wouldn’t it be great if, once a month, someone could provide a short training session which helps you understand and manage your business and personal finances better?  

Third Thursday Knowledge image

Every month, on the third Thursday, Grant-Jones will be bringing you 60 minutes of knowledge for businesses of all sizes and all types.

Our first online training course is released on September 20th and this is your opportunity to book your place before anyone else.

The title of this first session is:

Cashflow is king! How to manage your cash so you never run out!

In this session you will learn:

  • Why Cashflow is important
  • Some of the pitfalls with Cashflow
  • Hints and tips on how to better manage your Cashflow

Plus, we’ll provide you with a free gift to help you with your Cashflow planning.

Click here to register for this session.



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