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Book keeping

Everyone hates book keeping!

It has to be done, however, and done properly otherwise the tax man will come calling.  Plus you need critical financial information to run your business and key performance indictors to help you make good decisions. 

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On top of all that, it looks easy to do but if you get it wrong you have to pay your Accountant to put it right.  Book keeping is difficult, there is even an Institute of Certified Book Keepers, where book keepers can sit exams.

You have to spend your precious free time doing the book keeping.  Wouldn’t you rather be doing what you love with the people you love?

What’s the answer?  Well the ideal would be to employ a book keeper, but that could cost you £22,000!  Or you could talk to us….

Let us lift that burden from your shoulders.  We don’t just do your book keeping. We offer you a cloud accounting service and access to our real time information system. Or, if you prefer a traditional paper-based book keeping service, we can do that too. We are even able to integrate our book keeping with your existing accountancy software if that is what works best for you. 

You can sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that your data is secure and backed up. No more downtime while you wait for system upgrades - they are done automatically.

Plus you'll benefit from reduced professional fees because it makes it easier for us to produce your year end accounts and, as we can access your data 24/7, you get more value from us.  We can work proactively with you to help you achieve your dreams.

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