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Making it Happen

Making it Happen is our premium service, designed for business owners who are serious about making the changes within their business that will enable it to grow.  You’ll have monthly Business Edge sessions complemented by real hands-on help support from us, working in your business to help implement your action plan.

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What that means for you

As well as everything you get from the Business Edge sessions, we will also make the following happen for you: 

'Wow! How?’ system- an in-depth session that explores in detail every customer touch point, how to Wow! customers at each point – and How? to leverage the goodwill created to increase your sales and profits.

Complete set of business systems – so that everybody in your business does everything the best possible way, every single time, and the customer gets a consistently extraordinary service experience.  All businesses are different but at the same time, so many aspects are similar, a complete set of business systems gives you a major stepping stone in systemising your business and we’ll help you tweak those systems to suit your values, beliefs and ideas about how you want your business to act and be represented in the wider market.

Unique software putting all these systems on the computers of everybody in your organisation – having systems is one thing but finding the systems you need to follow is another We can supply you with a platform that hosts all of your systems.

Knowledge management software giving everybody in your organisation instant access to everything they need to know.  This same software platform acts as a knowledge base for your business so that all your team’s questions  can be answered instantly. Your time is freed up  to get on with the work only you can do.

Graphical monthly management accounts showing the financial consequences of all your actions – so you can tracks what’s happening and make sure the trends are moving in the right direction.

Powerful additional monthly OnePage™ report – we help you to hone your focus on the most important  factors in your business; then we focus on improving those factors.  Regularly measuring and improving those areas will develop a significantly stronger business.

Contact us today to book a Business Potential Session and start Making It Happen.

And, if you do, we will make a positive impact on the lives of people in the most disadvantaged communities around the world.


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