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Our Vision and Values

We aspire to be different from the typical accountancy both in our interactions with our clients and our impact on the wider world. 

Our Vision

Not your average accountant: Working in partnership with small businesses to achieve great things for them and for the world


Our Mission

To support small business owners achieve their dreams - for their business and for their life with expert advice, tools, services and support as an when they need it.


Our Values

Using LEAVES as the acronym (which also features in our branding) Grant-Jones Accountancy are:

Our Values







  • LIFE-CHANGING - Giving to the world as we help our clients achieve their dreams.
  • ETHICAL - Helping clients achieve their goals through fair, legal and honest business practices.
  • ACCOUNTABLE - Trusted by our clients to be honest and to hold them to account. They may not always like what we tell them but the challenge we provide will help them grow.
  • VALUED PARTNER - Part of the businesses we support, not just an 'add-on.'
  • EMPOWERING  - Doing all we can to enable our clients achieve great things, change their world and realise their dreams.
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD -  Giving clear, straightforward, professional advice clients can rely on with transparent charging and no surprise bills or hidden costs.




Our business has been organised so that we work according to these values in everything we do as a business.

  • To give you a swift, simple and STRAIGHTFORWARD journey through the transactional side of financial management including accounts preparation, self-assessment tax returns, data processing and payroll. We have systemised the way these are handled, so they are easy and simple for you as our client. 
  • We have made working with us STRAIGHTFORWARD for you (as well as helping the environment as part of our LIFE CHANGING value) by offering more video conferencing instead of face to face meetings. This saves you time and is more convenient . Using tools such as Zoom and GoToMeeting, we can share screens, send links and even sketch on the screen to map out a process.
  • We have a practice management system which ensures a consistent workflow is applied to all our clients and nothing is forgotten or overlooked. We have built into the workflows’ systematic checks for critical points in your financial year (being a VALUED PARTNER to you) as well as the mandated checks we must make to be ETHICAL. To EMPOWER you, the system includes a customer portal so you can log in and see all your accounts and tax information online in one place. As your VALUED PARTNER we can use it to gather information and records as well as giving you a dashboard to make both you and us more ACCOUNTABLE. You can see critical deadlines, track progress, respond promptly to questions and have an accurate prediction of when you can expect to receive things from us. This allows you to manage your own time more effectively as well as making sure none of those important details in the financial management of your business gets forgotten. 
    Giving you financial management tools which integrate with your cloud accounting package is also making your life easier - tools to capture expenses and help you get paid on time, thus reducing the burden for our clients.
  • We operate a paperless office - a big step in the LIFE CHANGING category. Most of our clients are now using our client portal and are happy to sign documents electronically. Digital tools mean team members can take an iPad and stylus to a meeting and make notes directly into a client file. Our exisiting paper file has been digitised and stored in an electronic management system to handle it efficiently. This means we have been 100% paperless since October 2019.

By living according to these values, we are able to give each client a great service as their VALUED PARTNER - committed to working together in the best way possible. 


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