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Whatever the outcome you can be ready for Brexit

23rd October 2019

Brexit signpostWe're leaving...

We're not leaving...

There's a deal....

There isn't a deal....

It's this month....

There is a delay....

Whatever the outcome of the next few days, weeks and months - whether we leave the EU on 31 October or there is a further delay - the impact of Brexit on small business owners has been significant and is likely to continue.

Leaving the EU is the start of the journey for a new way of trading both within Europe and in the UK. 

You would be forgiven for thinking that this only affects those business which trade directly with European customers or suppliers but sadly it isn't that simple.

Brexit adviceWhat about the suppliers of your customers and suppliers? If they are affected, you could see prices rise or orders fall as they are impacted by new trade arrangements.

Does your business plan and budget factor in the potential price changes and exchange fluctuations?

Will your bank be as willing to lend? And at what interest rate?

It would be easy to paint a picture of 'doom and gloom' but, instead, we've decided to be helpful. So we've put together a checklist of all the things a business owner needs to consider in this uncertain period.

Click the link below and we'll email it straight over.



If you'd like a longer conversation about the impact of Brexit on your business, contact us to arrange a meeting.


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