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The Uncomfortable Truth

13th February 2018

What I am about to say is not political. It is a simple factual analysis, the implications of which you may not like. 

The uncomfortable facts

Bleak winter landscape

Recent developments mean that it is now inevitable that you, your family and your business will:

  • Be subjected to uncertainty and change as everything adapts to the new world of Brexit, austerity and President Trump. And even if the long-term impact of those things is positive (as we all hope), in the short to medium term change is never comfortable and uncertainty always makes things more difficult.
  • Be asked to pay more in tax and receive less in return because raising more in tax and spending less are the only things governments can do to balance their books.
  • Be faced with a profoundly important choice -  EITHER do nothing (other than whinge when things get painful) OR do something to make things better for you, your family, business, community and the wider world.

It seems the the future is bleak. But, thankfully there is a simple answer. 

The Branson and Gates inspired solution

A consensus is now emerging that businesses like yours can achieve so much more. And that is why Grant-Jones have decided to work with Richard Branson and Bill Gates in doing something very special.

Obviously, there’s nothing to be done for whingers.

But if you are a non-whinger who wants to make things better, then we at Grant-Jones have arranged these three practical types of support for you at our expense:

  1. 90-minute online meeting with a world class expert – from the comfort of your own desk, Steve Pipe will share Richard and Bill’s key insights. And being a former UK Entrepreneur Of The Year, international keynote speaker and globally published researcher, his own insights are really worth hearing too.   
  2. Amazon 5 star rated book – as a thank you for attending the meeting you will also receive Steve’s highly acclaimed book “Better business, Better life, Better world”. And you will also get…
  3. Follow up support – to help you create a simple action plan for making things better

Watch Steve Pipe talking about the meeting in this short video. 

The online meeting will:

  •  Give you the surprising facts about what can be done - and precisely how to do it
  •  Allow you to get the extra answers you need by picking the brains of a globally recognised expert
  •  Leave you with a practical action plan for strengthening your business, improving your profits and cashflow, reducing your tax burden, increasing your wealth and making the future brighter, happier and more secure for you, your family and the wider world.

What's more, it is:

  •  Online – which means no travelling, since you can take part from any computer, anywhere
  •  Interactive, practical and action oriented
  •  Fully funded by Grant-Jones – with no cost of any kind to you
  •  Not for whingers – so you’ll be in the company of other positive business leaders

Interested? Click this link  now to find out more.


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