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Systematic Growth for Your Re-Energised Business

14th August 2020

For some, COVID-19 has generated a big jump in their business, which may have been unexpected and felt like a bit of a whirlwind.

If this was your experience, that’s great news! 

The question now is – can you sustain this growth? 

During the crisis everyone accepted that it was all hands to the pump and go, go, go because, let’s face it, your business was in the minority to have the opportunity to thrive. But, if you want to ensure this new growth isn’t just a ‘blip’ you can’t keep working 24/7 to sustain it. 

Every business, whether it’s currently thriving or trying to get back on its feet, needs to look at the systems they have in place to support long-term growth.


Are your systems and processes working? 

We’re just beginning to come out the other side of a crisis that no one predicted! 

How well did your systems manage through this time? It’s so important for us to learn all the lessons we can from what’s happened and implement changes so we’re as ready as possible should such a thing happen again. 

Now’s the time to get really clear on what you can do to make sure you’re not caught on the hop and your systems are able to cope with any future crisis. 

It’s a really good opportunity to review how flexible your processes were when put under pressure and how clearly they were understood. It is often only when you apply pressure to a business system that you can see where there might have been gaps in the thinking. If you consider how easy it was to adapt in the rapid changes that we’ve just been through you’ll soon see where more was needed – either in the form of better documentation or, possible, ‘alerts’ to tell your team that you might be heading for problems ahead. 

So, take the time to look back and review the last few month – and then decide where changes are needed to make your processes more robust. 

How has this crisis changed things?

Your business systems need to make sense for your business as it is now as well as supporting its long-term sustainability. And we’re not just talking IT systems either. 

The whole way you do business, how different teams and departments interact and the processes they follow will all benefit from a review. 

It is also a fantastic way opportunity to get the team together and collaborate to find improvements. Bring people together from all parts of the business and ask yourselves:

  • Has your ideal customer now changed as a result of recent events?
  • If they have, do your processes revolve around your ideal customer or do they need rethinking?
  • Is there anything you’re currently doing that might now work better if it was moved to a different team? 
  • Are all the processes documented so, if you need to allocate them to different people, everything is done in a consistent and reliable way? 
  • Does everyone in the team understand the new direction the business is taking so you are all working towards the same objectives? 

Test your new ways of working

The purpose of having systems in place is to support all areas of your business as it grows. So, start playing ‘what if’ on what you now have in place to be sure it gives you everything you need. 

This can be challenging but also good fun. Suppose you got a huge order tomorrow – would everyone know what to do? And how to do it? And what if one of your most experienced team members took a holiday – is everything locked in their head – or can someone else step in and, by following a documented process, keep things ticking over? 

The worst-case scenario, of course, is a return to lockdown and, while we don’t want to dwell too much on the ‘doom and gloom’ of that possibility, the work you do now will make a second peak much easier to manage. 

Getting the right systems in place takes time, but when you look at the bigger picture it really is time that’s crucial and very well spent. 

At Grant Jones we’re experts in building business systems to support technology clients, giving them control and flexibility in a rapidly changing market. Speak to us about how we can support you.


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