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Referrals – The Best Way to Get New Customers

15th March 2021

There’s no better way for any business to get new customers and build sales than by referrals. They are the lifeblood of a successful business. 

Not only are referrals the number one source of new business; they are the leading source of the best new business. 

The truth is people like to make referrals. It’s part of our wiring that when we make a wise purchasing decision, we want to share it with others as a way of validating our own good judgement and fortune. 

Good things come to those who ask

To get referrals you need to ask for them! Ask your customers in conversation whether they would be willing to introduce you to any other businesses or people who they think you could help. Almost every customer will say yes! Granted not all of them will follow through, but some will and with the others you’ve at least planted the seed. 

Get conscious with generating referrals

As with anything in business and life, if you put your attention to something in a conscious and systematic way, it will grow. 

Generating referrals is no different. You need to get clear on how you’re going to ask your customers to make an introduction, and what they’ll need from you in order to make it an easy and effective process. 

So, your first step is reaching out, having conversations and getting people to agree to recommend you.

Your next step is to make sure they have the materials they need to facilitate the process. Being prepared with up-to-date printed and/or digital marketing collateral is a must. Give them copies of your company brochures, speciality booklets and printed or digital newsletters. 

And always remember, your customer is doing something to support you, so be sure to include a nice note thanking them for their help. Expressing your gratitude costs nothing but means a great deal! 

Once you’ve got the ball rolling, make sure you put a system in place to follow up with your customers periodically. Send letters or emails with any new marketing materials so they always have your latest information to hand. 

In addition, make sure you have a great website that’s always kept up to date (new referrals will go and check you out!), and that everyone in your organisation carries business cards with them. 

Never use the “B” word!

Saying you’re “busy” is the quickest way to kill referrals in their tracks. It reinforces any reservations that might be there about your level of service and discourages your customers from sending you more business. 

When you give the impression you can’t handle the work you have now, why would anyone be keen to send you more? So, when you’re asked, “How’s business?” Be sure to answer, “Business is great...and we’re looking for more!”

There’s no better way to build your business than through referrals. Like you, most business owners and professionals are looking for new business. If you want people to make referrals to you, find a way to do the same for them.

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