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Making a sale without selling

24th April 2018

Have you ever been to places where you know immediately that, as well as shopping, you are going to have to stave off the pushy sales assistant. They are so keen to make a sale, they pester you and ask you all the wrong questions? 

But, what are the right questions? 

Make a sales without selling

The right questions aren’t questions! They are open-ended statements that put your customer at ease, and let them know you are available to them, without having to stalk them. They are scripts that don’t include closed questions, where an immediate “no” response is not available to the customer. How many times have you responded to a closed question like “Can I help you?” with a positive response? Most likely you have said “No thanks, I’m just looking.”

The secret ingredient

But what is it that effective retail businesses do to convert the "just browsing" people in their shop into paying customers?

We’ve all been to places where we’re met with “Hello, my name’s John. If there is anything I can do to help you, I’m just over there, please come and talk to me.” And most likely that made us feel at ease to buy from those establishments. Their effectiveness is in the open statement, rather than the closed question. 

So what if you run a non-retail businesses? How do you create something that delivers the same message? As you can see from “John”, it doesn’t have to be long-winded or complicated.

Think about what you would want to hear

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer for the moment - when they make fisrt contact. What would put you at your ease? 

  • You’d want to have an immediate, easy connection – “Hello, my name is John”,
  • You’d want to know that they can be of use  “If there is anything I can do…”
  • And that they are trustworthy – “I’m just over here…”.
  • Finally you need to be able to explain why you they should buy from you, i.e. what problems you can alleviate more effectively than your competitors,

Get those four points worked out and you have a quick, easy and free way of growing your business by increasing your potential customer base.

Don’t just leave it to chance.

If your business doesn’t have an open and easy sales script, you are leaving things to chance. Every positive connection is a potential sales lead, and using a really good approach to potential leads will convert them into customers.

Let’s take the example of the retail business again. People will enter your shop, but that doesn’t mean they will automatically buy from you. John’s statement, however, gives him a better chance of getting a sale by building a connection and offering his expertise. And anyone can deliver it. It could be John, Mary or Karen who says the same thing. You have the same systemised but friendly point of contact throughout.

It just takes a few small changes

You can increase your sales conversion rate rapidly with some carefully chosen words, and without spending a single penny. You can earn yourself loyal customers, who come back to buy from you again and again by having the same open approach where it’s harder for your leads to say no.

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