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The Lucky 7s - Set your goals in these areas of life

20th November 2018

Setting goals in all areas of your business and life can have a powerful effect on your attention to your company’s vision. They set the direction and give you and your team motivation and clarity. They also enable you to measure your success, defining what works and what doesn’t. Planning doesn’t just have to be about purely increasing revenue. Consider instead setting goals in these seven areas of your business and life:

1.     Business growth

Consider using the acronym SMART when setting goals for business growth. Consider -

  • Specific: Make sure they are detailed enough for all of your team to understand
  • Measurable: Can you quantify the details? Are they meaningful?
  • Achievable: How can you and your team accomplish them?
  • Relevant: Are they worthwhile? Do they fit in with your overall vision?
  • Time-bound: Provide a timeline and deadlines for goals

2.     Day-to-day running the business 

Putting systems and processes in place enables the smooth running of any business, particularly when you are a start-up company, when everything is new to every member of the team. Standard operating procedures for all aspects of the business should be in place to ensure that work is done by the right people. Daily and weekly goals are the foundation of realising your vision. Breaking your vision down into concrete tasks moves you closer to realising your

3.     Your team

Think about how you want to run the business on a daily basis. Is it just you, or do you have a team? It is most important to communicate your company’s goals, both for your own clarity and to keep your team on task. Set goals with your team too. Ask them what they want to achieve professionally and offer them support to accomplish that. Thereby you have a supported and well-trained workforce who works in everyone’s best interest.

4.     Your health and wellbeing

When it comes to the physical and mental health of personnel, we often think of employees and the support business owners can give them. But who looks after the boss? We all need to be fit and healthy to work, and setting goals for your health is paramount to the health of the business. Set realistic goals for you and your team – make breaks a priority throughout the day, and ensure no-one is burning the midnight oil.

5.     Learning and development

Is there a specific area you would like your business to grow into, but you or your team don’t have the know-how? Making sure we have the skills needed to undertake tasks Ongoing training should be provided to all to enable them to develop

6.     Your family

It’s all too easy sometimes to define ourselves by our businesses, and our family and friends get the brunt of that. Too often we spend so much time on a business, no matter how big or small, because we want it to succeed. But our families need our care and attention, as we need care and attention from them.

7.     Your life outside work

Yes, there is such a thing! And although the term “life/work balance” is often used to excess, it cannot be denied that working solely on your business is actually no good for your business. Consider flexible working for you and your team, take up those hobbies again, schedule in regular time for breaks and holidays. Better yet, block time out in your diary before you add anything else. 

Do you want help with goal-setting? Download our 24-hour action plan for getting where you want to go and creating the time to get there.


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