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Leading People Through Change

7th May 2019

Next steps for Growth - Part 4

If you want to grow your business, you need to ensure that your team are on board and ready, willing and able to grow with you.

When change is taking place, people want to know they have a strong and capable leader to guide them, not someone who slips into ‘boss’ mode and starts acting like a Rottweiler barking orders.

Tidy your room!

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Remember how you felt when you were a child and your parents told you to tidy your bedroom? Well it’s those same childhood ‘stamping of the feet’ and ‘digging in the heels’ feelings that come up when, as ‘the boss’, you tell people what to do. That kind of leadership (and I use that term loosely) never brings out the best in a team at any time to be frank, but especially during a time of change.

Take the lead

What’s needed at this time is true leadership. Leadership that’s inclusive and encourages everyone to get involved and bring their best to support the business. Great leaders go out of their way to motivate and boost the self-esteem of their team and encourage them to take ownership of their roles. When your team believe in themselves and what they’re doing and understand the bigger picture for the growth of the business, you’ll be amazed at what they can accomplish.

What motivates people

Recognising the different drivers of your team members is another key ingredient to helping them excel in their roles. While the motivational model of reward, fear of punishment and money has been prevalent for a long time, author Daniel Pink argues that human motivation is largely intrinsic and can be divided into three different aspects: autonomy, mastery and purpose.No alt text provided for this image

When a business understands which of these aspects motivates the individuals in their team, and then supports them in developing that within their role, it not only has a huge impact on the individual, but also on the whole culture and performance of the business. Research has shown time again that a happy workforce is a highly productive workforce, and a productive workforce impacts positively on your top-line.  

Learn to listen

If you want your team to really feel involved in the growth of your business, take time to sit down with them, ask questions and then be humble enough to be quiet and really listen to what is said. Being respected and heard helps your team know they are an integral part of your plans, and that they can have a direct and positive impact on how things change.

Make it common place for your team to know they can express their fears as well as share their ideas. Ask them what they want and what would make things better for them, and then actually follow through with as many of their suggestions as possible, and include them in the decision making and implementation process.

Growing a business and leading it through change can be tough, so it’s important to ensure that you also receive help and guidance when needed.

Grant Jones has teamed up with a small army of accountants across the UK to formalise a 9-step best practice called the Performance, Measurement and Improvement System (PMI).

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