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Five Reasons Why Grant-Jones Accountancy Does More For Your Business

1st September 2017

Five Reasons Why Grant-Jones Accountancy Does More For Your Business


At Grant-Jones Accountancy, we were delighted to be featured in a book written by AVN, the association for forward-thinking accountants, to help businesses find the right accountant for their needs. It was a thrill for the team to be included in The Business Owner’s Guide To The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices.

Interview with Shane Lukas from AVN, discussing our place in the book The Business Owner’s Guide To The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. Watch the interview here.

One of the main reasons why we were so happy to have deserved a place in the book, is because it means we are being recognised, not simply as accountants to solve compliance queries, but that we deliver a service above and beyond what traditional accountants offer. Here are just five of the many reasons why were are a cut above the rest and deserve our place in The Business Owner’s Guide To The UK’s Best Accountancy Practices. 

1.       We are trained industry specialists

Our team of accountants are fully qualified and trained accountants, but where they differ is that they are also trained industry professionals with proven business environment experience. This means our team not only have the accountancy knowledge you need, but they also understand many of the problems business face and have the tools available to help your business succeed. 

2.       We offer free business process mapping

For all of our clients, we take a personalised and tailored approach. We understand that every single business is different. We will not only visit your business and meet the managers, but we’ll also meet the staff as well to map out the processes in every aspect of your business. We understand that sometimes businesses need an objective approach to see potential improvement opportunities. 

3.       We deliver benefits, quickly

Grant-Jones Accountancy has a proved track record of delivering results which have positive impacts on the businesses of our clients, quickly. We work hard to highlight potential problems and then suggest new ways to overcome issues. We look for bottlenecks in processes and open our client’s minds to the benefit, where possible, of automation. By setting KPIs with our clients, we can measure performance and see it improve in real time. 

4.       We are synonymous with trust and integrity

For our clients, we want to work with businesses that are honest, open-minded and ethical and in return, we offer the same traits in our service. We genuinely want to help change lives, and we go about this with a holistic approach. By working with us, you receive an honest service that works with you in mind, at all times. 

5.       We are AVN accountants

Grant-Jones Accountancy are proud to be part of the AVN network, the association for forward-thinking accountants. By having the link with AVN, our staff are well-trained with business understanding to help clients in ways that most accountants simply can’t. It also means with has access to great AVN tools, such as benchmarking software, this means we can help to draw comparisons with our clients against their competition so they can see how to grow and where the next steps lie. 

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